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2018 Women's Retreat

The Beauty of Friendship
Loving One Another as We Are Loved by Christ

WHAT: 2018 Women's Retreat

WHO: All women, ages 13 and up. This includes mom's and their babies approximately 6 months old and younger. Bring your moms, sisters, neighbors and friends.

WHEN: Friday-Sunday, March 2, 3, 4  (DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS: FEB 12)

WHERE: Swan Lake Resort
5203 Plymouth LaPorte Trail, Plymouth, IN

Driving Directions: (120 Miles) :: US-31 N/N Meridian St. Merge onto U.S. 30 W via the slip road to Valparaiso for 6 miles. Turn right onto Queen Rd. Take the 1st left on to Plymouth-Laporte Trail. Destination will be on the left. 

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retreat topic: The Beauty of Friendship

We were made for friendship! Created in the image of God Himself, humans are relational beings who are most satisfied in community wheN faith, fellowship, servanthood, mutual respect, and honor are a reality in the daily rhythms of life, in every season of life. The flesh, the world, and the enemy seek to rob us of the true gift of community, but Jesus is the perfect example of sincere love and friendship. Our sweetest human friendships are but a shadow of the perfect friendship that is found only in Christ. He has called and equipped us to both extend and receive friendship in honorable and beautiful ways.

We will consider the dimensions of healthy relationships as the Lord intended, examine biblical examples of friendship, and anticipate the fullness of friendship the Lord has promised. Join us in seeking more of God’s wisdom concerning the blessing and joy of friendship, and how we can live out the gospel more fully and authentically together.

Come prepared to think, laugh, pray, sing, meet new people, and enjoy good conversation. Girls ages 13 and up, as well as moms with babies approximately six months and younger, are encouraged and welcome to attend the retreat!

Teaching Sessions

Framing Friendship: Understanding God’s Design, Tana Henry

  • God’s design of friendship reflects truth, love, goodness, and beauty. The Lord has made us for relationship, to experience the sweetness of fellowship and faithfulness in our human friendships. How has culture distorted our perception of friendship? What makes a good friendship? Are we pursuing God honoring relationships that point others to the beauty of the gospel? Why does this matter and what should we do about it? This session will give us a framework for studying biblical relationships. Let’s prepare to learn from the Lord together as we understand more of His plan for this gift in our lives, and how we can honor Him through it!

Formulating Friendship: Learning to Love as God First Loved Us, Laura Dunshee

  • “Quality friendship is costly.  It demands that, in Christ, I begin by committing myself to . . . enter relationships not simply on the basis of mutual attraction but out of a commitment to help another realize his potential under God.  Quality friendship is agape friendship, a friendship of humanly impossible standards made possible by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.” [Gary Inrig, Quality Friendship]

Fleshing out Friendship

  • The Lord has both blessing and purpose in our human relationships. We need one another, and Godly friendship is a means He uses to bless, encourage, strengthen, comfort, equip, and sanctify us. This session will incorporate testimonies from several women concerning how the Lord has used the gift and blessing of friendship in various seasons of their lives.  

Friendship In its Fullness, Christina Hunter

  • In scripture, we see a bright and glorious picture of God pursuing and befriending His people.  We had friendship with God in the Garden, we lost it, and now God befriends those trusting in His Son. Jesus is now our true and perfect friend and we look forward to the coming ages when we will experience God in fullness of joy.  Jesus shows us the beauty of what true friendship looks like and, this brings us out of ourselves to love one another.


Friendship, Evangelism, and Crossing Cultures, Debbie Strietelmeier

  • Friendship is something we all desire. How do we see, meet, and become friends with people who are different from ourselves? Valuing, listening, learning, and offering acts of service go a long way toward building relationships. Come sharpen your skills and hear some great stories!

Everyday Friendship With Our Spouse, Cathy Gurley

  • Perhaps your husband is your best friend, your soul mate. Or you may feel as though you are forging ahead in two individual silos. No matter our starting point, how do we deepen friendship with our husband, our life’s traveling mate? In this interactive workshop we will explore together practical ways to grow closer in friendship with the men we married. Come hear, discuss, and perhaps share what has worked for you!