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Men's Retreat (November 9-11, 2018)

Our annual gathering in November at Highland Lankes in Martinsville, IN, gives us the opportunity to explore the kind of life God has called us to as men. We seek to worship God together, enjoy and develop rich friendships, and become equipped to serve in our calling as men. As men, God has called and designed us to be in relationship with one another and to assume responsibilities that contribute to the health and flourishing of our families, churches, neighborhoods and our communities. As we worship, study, converse, and eat our meals together, we find goodness and strength added to our lives. For more information, please call Bob Ash at 317-692-1729 or email him at bash@zionsvillefellowship.org.

Friday Morning Bible Study

Our community Men's Bible Study meets on Fridays from 6:45 - 7:45 am in the Library at Zionsville Fellowship. Please enter through the front entrance. Interested men can come to one meeting, or all the meetings. Please consider attending and bring your neighbor.

The men are currently studying “Bible Answers to …”, which is a series of various topics such as dealing with the death of a loved one, coping with depression, how to help someone with a health problem, and other real life problems we all have to face. The entire study is focused on what the Bible says about living a Christian life in a modern world.

For more information, please contact Tim Heidenreich at 317-910-2992 or tim.heidenreich@comcast.net.

Men's Discipleship 

Men's Discipleship groups meet for two years and cover 64 lessons in Church history, theology, and worldview. The goals are to equip men to become life-long learners by developing habits of the mind that encourage thought and to prepare men to become leaders and equippers of others. If you would like to be included in a men's discipleship group, please call the church office at 317-873-4948 or email info@zionsvillefellowship.org.

Great Fishing Adventure

Every two years men travel to the Obabikon Lodge on Lake of the Woods near Morson, Ontario, Canada for a week long fishing adventure. Boys 12 and older may also attend. This is a beautiful wilderness area full of wildlife. For more information about fishing, food and fellowship, call Don Cline at 317-769-3893 or email him at dcline3192@msn.com.