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Whole-Church Bible Reading Plan

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We’re excited to read through the Bible together again in 2018.

Here are the details of this year's plan:

  • Balance of Old and New Testament: Each reading includes 3 OT chapters and 1 NT chapter, moving through both testaments in order.
  • 5 Readings Per Week: Each week includes five readings. This gives space to read or study something else, such as the upcoming sermon text over the weekend. This also allows flexibility for you to remain on track if you can’t read every day.
  • Psalms: The Psalms are listed on a separate bookmark rather than included in the daily reading. This is for the purpose of integrating the Psalms into your life in different ways, reading one in the morning and/or evening, or reading through them with friends or as a family. Consider using this new ESV Devotional Psalter written by Dane Ortlund. 


What if you would like to read the Bible differently than this? That’s fine! If you prefer not to read through the whole Bible in 2018, consider choosing one of the following patterns for daily Bible reading:

  1. Bible immersion: Choose a book of the Bible to read and re-read multiple times. For example, you may re-read Ephesians every day in January, then choose another book to reread for February.
  2. Read for 20 minutes each day, picking up where you left off from the previous day. As you finish a book of the Bible, move to the next one or move to one that is of particular interest to you.


Since many will be doing this together, consider ways to integrate your reading into conversations together:

  • For spouses or families who read this together, bring it up at dinner and share what you’re learning and how you’re growing.
  • Read as a small group and then discuss your reading from time to time when you meet together.
  • Consider grabbing another friend or two to join you on this journey, and then meet for coffee to talk about what you’ve been reading.
  • For families with younger children, consider also including one of Marty Machowski’s family Bible-devotionals: Long-Story Short or Old Story New.