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mission to our neighbors and the nations

Our purpose as a church is to glorify God by being and making disciples of Jesus Christ who are a community of worshippers on mission. We live out the “mission” part of this in a couple ways: First, by living as faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives among our families, neighborhoods, and communities. Second, we organize our efforts and support like-minded partners and ministries for the sake of local mission to our neighbors and global mission to the nations.

The following statement and values guide our organized mission efforts. 

MIssion statement

To make disciples and to plant and strengthen multiplying churches by spreading the gospel and serving those in need among all peoples.

  • Make disciples: Our work is especially focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, calling people to follow him, and helping them grow as his disciples (Matt. 28:16–20).
  • Plant and strengthen multiplying churches: The goal of missions is to establish healthy churches that are able to continue the work of making disciples and planting more churches. We also work to strengthen already-existing local churches to help them grow in making disciples, biblical doctrine, leadership development, and serving the needy (Acts 14:21–23). 
  • Spreading the gospel and serving those in need: We seek to reflect Christ’s comprehensive and compassionate ministry of both speaking the gospel message and serving with good works (Mark 6:34­–36).
  • Among all peoples: The mission of Christ’s people is to spread the gospel across the globe and create worshipers from every ethnically and linguistically unique people group. We are committed to reaching the least-reached people groups that presently have limited or no faithful gospel witness (Rom. 15; Rev. 7).

Mission values

Our biblical, shared, core beliefs that help guide our decisions and practice towards fruitful mission engagement:

  • Gospel Centrality: Proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Intentional Focus: Proactively seeking and regularly evaluating partnerships to align with ZF's missions strategies and focus.
  • Commitment to the Unreached: Partnering to reach the least reached people groups of the world.
  • Relational Connection: Consistently encouraging, supporting, and praying for our partners.
  • Priority of the Local Church: Prioritizing work that makes and matures disciples to serve in and through the local church.
  • Whole Church Engagement: Mobilizing members to engage in global missions by learning, praying, encouraging, sending, giving, or going.

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C* and I*

They have received and accepted the call to become overseas workers in a closed country in Asia. Their mission is to see healthy local churches planted among unreached people groups (UPGs) in this country. Due to security concerns in the rural and unreached areas, they plan to partner with existing local churches in a larger, more reached city. Their short-term goal is to help these churches grow in maturity, and their long-term hope is to mobilize these churches to send out their own missionaries to the most unreached areas of their own country.


*As they will be serving in a closed country, their names are omitted. 

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Jeff Boxell | Wheeler Mission Ministries

Wheeler Mission helps the homeless in Indiana. Its mission is to provide Christ centered programs and services for the homeless and those in need. Its vision is to see every man, woman and child who they serve become equipped to be productive citizens who enjoy lasting success in Christ.

Founded in 1893, Wheeler is the oldest continuously operating ministry of its kind in the state of Indiana as well as the largest and most diverse ministry.

Wheeler is a non-denominational Christian social services organization, which provides needed goods and services to the homeless, poor and needy of central Indiana. Wheeler is not a church, but does cooperate with many different churches that are concerned about poverty and homelessness in the inner city.

Brad Nelson | Indy Internationals


Indy Internationals exists to serve students, refugees and immigrants in the Indianapolis area. The organization recognizes that coming to a new country can be frightening, often while facing difficult situations for which they are unprepared. Indy Internationals helps to integrate these students, refugees and immigrants into the community, understand the culture and experience life in America’s heartland.

Brad and his wife, Christy, who live in Indianapolis with their two children, Jaydah and Isaac, have traveled to more than 25 countries and have welcomed students into their home from Middle Eastern, Asian, and African countries all while helping others adjust to life in America. To learn more about Indy Internationals, visit www.indyinternationals.org.

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Todd & Robyn | Fort Wilderness Ministries

For over 50 years Fort Wilderness Ministries has provided a place of refuge where families and young people come to hear about Jesus in a wilderness setting located in northern Wisconsin. Tens of thousands of people have experienced God’s love from the staff and counselors since 1956 when the camp was opened. In a society where there is a loss of Christian worldview and the breakup of 50% of American families, Fort Wilderness offers a safe place for people who are hurting, oppressed, or just worn out to come and be refreshed and resupplied with the absolute truth of God’s Word.

Fort Wilderness offers year-round activities with the major camping experiences being conducted in the summer and weekend retreats being scheduled by churches and other groups throughout the year. To learn more, visit fortwilderness.com.

Scott & Bethany McEwan

Scott and Bethany McEwan have been serving in Nicaragua since August 2011. Their ministry, NICA, focuses on discipling at-risk youth through intentional, long-term relationships with teens and their families. In addition to weekly Bible studies, the McEwans seek to help young people in every area of their lives by tutoring, counseling, and helping connect them to local churches. They seek to live out their faith among those they work with and model healthy family life to those who have never seen anything but brokenness and dysfunction.

Scott and Bethany also work to build cross-cultural bridges by hosting mission teams and interns. Their hope is to create positive experiences where North Americans can both serve and learn from their Central American brothers and sisters in Christ. Often these trips benefit House of Hope, a shelter for women and girls, who are victims of human trafficking. To learn more, visit the McEwan's blog.

dAVID mUSA | save

Sierra Leone Agape Voluntary Effort

SAVE's focus is to reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to the country of Sierra Leone, a country that has been devastated by years of civil war and destruction. It is SAVE’s desire to bring physical help in the form of basic resources such as clean water, school buildings, supplies and personnel to allow the people of the village Kenema to become self-sustaining and live healthy, productive, Christ-centered lives.

David Musa, who grew up in a traditional African environment in Sierra Leone, felt called to help his homeland, which suffered the devastation of life, property and social services after the civil war, which occurred between 1992-2002. With David’s help and leadership, SAVE came into existence in 1999 as an expression of love and concern for deteriorating human conditions. SAVE has undertaken two specific projects: Adopt a School and Adopt a Village. SAVE has partnered with churches in Sierra Leone to build a seven-room school. A well was dug in 2010, through the services of World Hope, and is now pumping clean water into the village for the first time.

Future plans include developing a medical clinic and building a parsonage for the church pastor. To learn more, visit www.savesierraleone.org.

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Greg Pritchard | FOCL

Forum Of Christian Leaders

The primary function of (FOCL) is to organize and conduct the European Leadership Forum each year in Hungary. The Forum exists to identify, unite, equip and resource European Christian leaders to re-evangelize Europe and to renew the biblical church. The Forum seeks to help these leaders (1) present the Gospel confidently, lovingly and persuasively; (2) develop and implement the best strategies for reaching their own countries for Christ; (3) lead their churches, schools and other organizations faithfully and with godly wisdom; (4) mentor the next generation of evangelical leaders; and (5) plant new churches and renew existing local churches.

For more information, visit https://euroleadership.org.

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Joel & Michelle | Southeast Asia

For the past seven years, Joel and Michelle have worked in a closed country in Southeast Asia. Their vision is to see a spiritual harvest among every people group in this country.


Joel and Michelle’s team trains and sends national Christians to share the good news of Jesus and plant churches among unreached people groups in their country. These are distinct ethnic groups with their own languages and cultures, but with few or no Christians.


In 2022, Joel and Michelle transitioned to supporting their missionary team remotely from Indiana, as Joel oversees data management, bookkeeping, reports, and other administrative responsibilities for the project.

*As their team serves in a closed country, only first names are used.

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Neighborhood Fellowship & Academy

Jim and Debbie Strietelmeier

The Strietelmeier's, along with their family, lead the ministry at Neighborhood Fellowship Church. They care for the poor on the near east side of Indianapolis by ministering to individuals’ souls, minds and bodies. They do this by providing hot meals, a free medical clinic, offering counseling and crisis intervention and through Neighborhood Academy, a K-12 grade Christian school. Neighbors can come to Neighborhood Fellowship and receive gently used shoes, clothing, and furniture as well as visit the food pantry and organic garden.

To learn more, visit www.neighborhoodfellowship.org.

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A* and C*

A* and C* have received and accepted the call to become overseas workers in a closed country in South Asia. They hope to see God use them to plant a faithful church among a people group that has no access to a saving gospel message in their heart language.

Their efforts will start with learning the language/culture and building a network of friendships. They will also be working in an existing business or starting their own business, which will allow them to keep a visa long-term and build relationships within their community. After they have a high proficiency in the minority language and good friendships, they hope to share the gospel among small groups of friends. One day, they hope to leave behind an indigenous church with mature leaders who teach and hold fast to scripture.

They began a partnership with a US company who has agreed to employ A as a sales rep in the area they will be stationed.

*As they will be serving in a closed country, names are omitted.

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Jonathan & Kendra Kohl

Jonathan Kohl is discipling through business on how to live out the Gospel in real life and seeking to raise up companies that model practically how Jesus really does bring good news to workers and their families. They currently have three “daughter” organizations being run by fellow believers: Orient Market Insight (market research company), LAMPS (translation company in the healthcare industry) and the KENTO Center NPO (Kids Education ‘N Therapy Overseas).

The mission for the KENTO Center is to come alongside local families and
internationals whose kids need some extra support in school, affirming everyone’s
God given value and helping people to achieve the potential for which they were
created. The Kohls are excited for a new Japanese couple that want to partner with
the KENTO Center to try to open their own Café in the space.

Jonathan’s wife, Kendra, is primarily a homemaker, but she is also excited to have
various opportunities with women in their sphere of influence, as well as working with the elementary age and beyond children at their small church.

Their son, Joshua, is on the brink of Middle School and is both serious-minded and
delightful. He is growing at his international studies school.

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Steve & Jill Lehe

Fort Wilderness Ministries is a Christian camp in the north woods of Wisconsin and is committed to creating an atmosphere where spiritual and relational growth can take place. Steve and Jill Lehe felt the call to join the Fort Wilderness staff while volunteering at the Great White North retreat in January 2017. They officially joined the staff at the Christian camp in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in April 2018.

Steve is the Director of Construction and Master Plan Development. He is responsible for the development and construction of the capital projects which include new facilities, renovations to existing buildings as well as upgrades or replacements to existing building components.



Fort Wilderness Ministries is a Christian camp in the north woods of Wisconsin and is committed to creating an atmosphere where spiritual and relational growth can take place. Fort has special meaning to both Kurtis and Carrie Moss. Carrie began attending both Zionsville Fellowship church and Fort at 3 years of age. Kurtis grew up in Indiana and first came to camp in 2009 on a Project Serve Team. The two married in 2012. In 2017, Kurtis and Carrie moved to Nicaragua to start a discipleship program for college students in their city. After a furlough in the US, they were on their way back to Nicaragua in March 2020 when COVID-19 closed Central America. In God's Providence, that closed door led to an open door to serve at Fort Wilderness. It has been a dream of theirs to serve on staff at Fort since they first served together in 2009.

Kurtis serves as the Student Ministries Director, supporting and leading Fort's ministry to students at all three sites: Main Camp, Adventure Outpost, and Leadership Lab. He is also the Retail Manager where he oversees the coffee shop, canteen and merchandise. As the Staff and Volunteer Coordinator, Carrie oversees the hundreds of volunteers that serve at Fort throughout the year and over 70 staff hired each summer to serve at camp.



LOVE inc

Love In the Name of Christ Boone County is a unique network of churches and agencies that respond to the needs of ordinary people who need hope in the midst of a difficult time in life. Unexpected events like the loss of a job, a serious health diagnosis, a failed relationship, or a major home repair can sometimes cause major disruptions to normal life. Hundreds of volunteers are mobilized to care for and walk with people through these challenging times.

The mission of Love INC is to mobilize area churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.

The first Love INC was founded in 1977 by a Christian social worker in Holland, Michigan. Love INC now has over 150 affiliates in 30 states and three countries. Love INC of Boone County was formed in 2007. The Boone County Clearinghouse was officially opened in September 2008 to accept calls for assistance. Today more than 36 churches throughout Boone County partner with Love INC to reach out to assist people with needs and to do so In the Name of Christ.

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Shawn and Liz Keith serve with Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) and have been on staff since 2001. They work with AIA global media creating evangelistic sports films that are used by the body of Christ worldwide to help introduce people and cultures enamored with sports to Jesus Christ.
Shawn was the executive producer of Reversing the Curse: Stories of Faith from the 2004 Season film featuring the Boston Red Sox after winning their first World Series title in 86 years. Since then, 14 more films have been created for outreach highlighting world-class athletes from a variety of sports leagues such as the MLB, NBA and NLF, and sporting events such as the Soccer World Cup, the Super Bowl and the Olympics. 

They also have a partnership with the Jesus Film Mobile App, which provides for Gospel proclamation around the world through hundreds of TV and satellite broadcasters.

Shawn and Liz currently live in Lebanon, Indiana with their three children Matthew, Ryan and Sarah. Shawn also serves as the Indy Eleven professional soccer team chaplain. To learn more, click Athletes in Action Global.




The mission of Life Centers of Indianapolis is to affirm the value of life by providing a network of care to those experiencing pregnancy-related crisis and by compassionately presenting biblical truth resulting in changed lives to the glory of God. “We believe the love and salvation found in Jesus Christ is the hope for those facing unplanned pregnancies.”

Life Centers helps thousands of women and families each year at their six centers in Central Indiana. They provide free services such as confidential peer counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds (when medically appropriate), accurate information on abortion risks and alternatives, a 24-hour Help Line, and maternity support items such as diapers, bottles, clothes, toys, furniture, etc. They provide Bibles and gospel outreach, a recovery ministry called SOAR (Spiritually Oriented Abortion Recovery), as well as referrals for medical services, financial resources and adoption. They also now offer pregnancy and new parent courses at each of their locations through BrightCourse, an online curriculum that helps broaden levels of knowledge, self-confidence and independence as parenting skills increase. To learn more, visit www.lifecenters.com or contact them at 317-280-2635.

Kairos Prison Ministries

Kairos Prison Ministry International is a Christian, faith-based ministry which addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women, youth and their families. By sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, Kairos hopes to change hearts, transform lives and impact the world.

The vision of Kairos Prison Ministry is to provide a community that is spiritually freed from the effects of imprisonment, reaching all impacted by incarceration through the love, hope and faith found in Jesus Christ. The word Kairos is Greek and means in God’s Special Time or In the Fullness of Time, indicating an opportunity for participants and guests to reconsider their life choices. As hearts are changed, inmates begin to take responsibility for their actions.

To learn more, visit www.kairosofindiana.org.